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Interesting Ideas for Perfect Prom Nails

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When planning for the prom night, you must take into account all the details of your appearance. The most important element is, of course, the dress followed by the hair and make up. However, a very important element that a lot of girls neglect are the prom nails. All nails look good as long as they are cut and clean but if you really want to look like a rock star you might want to consider a special manicure. In this article we will provide you with a few nail polish models that will certainly impress your friends.

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  • French alternatives

You can never go wrong with the classic french manicure which matches any style. However, if you want a more extravagant look you could try some french alternatives. For example, you could paint your nails pink, paint the tips white and add a coat of glitter. If you want a more rebel look you could paint your nails black and then use a mat nail polish for the tips. You can also choose a classic french manicure which you can upgrade with a glitter line just above the white tips.

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  • Metallic nails

If you want a truly glamorous look, we suggest that you choose metallic prom nails. Whether you choose golden or silver shades, metallic nails are very fashionable right now. However, painting all your nails in with metallic nail polish can be quite overwhelming. We suggest that you paint just the tips of your nails in with this type of nail-polish. Another way to go is to use this nail polish only on the nails from your ring fingers and use a pastel shade on the rest of the nails.

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  • Pastel and glitter

As far as prom nails go, you should know that pastel colors are very popular. If you have a girly pastel dress, you might also want to choose a pastel nail polish. In order to make these colors less dull you can use glitter in order to make them more interesting. For example you can use a sponge in order to glitter the lower part of your nails so that you don’t have a strict delimitation between the glitter part and the rest of the nail. Another way to go is to use large glitter drops on the upper part of the nail.

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  • Ombre nails

Ombre nails are very popular but they are not very easy to make. In order to pain your nails in a ombre patter, you will need two types of nail polish, a sponge and a very good finishing polish. You start by putting two big drops of nail polish on a plate or a mirror. The drops must be touching each other. You use a tooth pick to gently stir the point where the two colors are mixing. Pay attention because you don’t want to mix the two colors completely. You just want to create a transition color. Next you dip your sponge in the two drops and you quickly apply the sponge on the nail. This is a very messy operation and the skin around your nails will get dirty. You can clean it up with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover. The last thing that you need to do is apply a quality finishing nail polish.


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