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When it comes to prom dresses, numerous designers try to adapt their style to the desires of young women. However, few designers manage to come up with a fresh collection that conquers the hearts of all teenage girls. Maggie Sotterro’s Flirt prom dresses are glamorous, affordable and quite flirty. If you are looking for a revealing yet classy dress, you should definitely consider one of the 2013 Flirt prom gowns. Lets take a closer look and see what truly makes this collection special.

The colors
One of the best things about the 2013 Flirt prom dresses is that they come is all the possible colors. You have Lemon Meringue, Poppy, Purple Passion, Fuchsia, Majestic Cobalt and so on. Given the fact that this year’s Flirt dresses come in all the colors that you’ve heard off and the ones that you still haven’t heard about, it would be almost impossible not to find a dress that matches your style and personality. From the wide variety of colorful gowns, our favorite one was a flowing chiffon poppy dress with a sweetheart neckline, featuring an embellished beaded center piece.

Glitter Love
There are numerous prom dresses which feature tons of glitter but few actually manage to look classy. Well, we are here to tell you that the 2013 Flirt prom dresses are incredibility elegant, even if they are covered in glitter. We particularly likes some sequin dresses with a lower back zipper, a plunged neckline and a long train. The dresses come in red, teal, silver and black and they are truly stunning.

Hollywood Glamor
Most women dream of someday walking down a red carpet, wearing a fabulous gown and in the company of a dreamy man. Well, the prom 2013 Flirt prom dresses will truly make you feel like a Hollywood diva even if there will be no red carpet for you to walk on. Well, if you have anything to say in the prom’s planning process, you might want to suggest a red carpet. We guarantee that all the girls will love the idea. If you can make this possible, try to find a shiny dress with a side slit and a low back zipper. All you will have to do next is find the perfect date, or at least a good date. And if you really want to look like a movie star, you could checkout the latest red carpet events in order to find inspiration for prom hairstyles and makeups.

Maggie Sotterro has always managed to pleasantly impress us but the latest collection was simply to die for. Her prom dresses feature everything that young girls look for when shopping for the big event: bright colors, sequins, classy details, Hollywood glamor and much more. After all, prom dresses need to be spectacular and classy.


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