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The black dress is a classic item and all women should have at least one such piece in their wardrobe. When it comes to prom, most girls choose bright colored dresses. However, if you really want to make a stunning appearance we suggest that you choose an elegant black prom dress. There are many advantages to wearing such a dress. For starters, it will make you look a lot slimmer. Black is also great for highlighting a light skin tone. Some people may say that black prom gowns are boring and they are only suited for Gothic girls. Well, if you check out these dresses, you will see that black dresses come in all shapes and sizes and they can match every style.

  • Little black prom dress

The little black dress is one of the most popular types of dresses. The main advantage of this dress is that it can be worn at various occasions as it can be both elegant and casual. However, given the fact that prom is such a special event, you should stay away from plain black dresses and choose a more sophisticated black model. Ruffled black dresses are very popular right now and you should definitely keep them in mind if you want to look like a rock star.

  • Hollywood glamor

If you are a fan of the Hollywood glamor we suggest that you pick a black sequin prom dresses. These types of dresses are perfect for girls who want all eyes to be on them. You can either choose a short black sequin dress which is fancy yet not too sophisticated, or you can choose a long black sequin dress which will make it seem as if the spotlight is always on you.

  • Ballroom Gowns

The most sophisticated prom dresses are the ones which are inspired by ballroom gowns. Most such dresses are painted in pastel colors but you can also rock this style in a black prom dress. In order to avoid looking like a widow, try to choose a dress which combines the black with other colors or with sparkly elements.

  • Vintage lace

If you are a fan of the vintage style, you should know that black lace dresses are very popular right now. These dresses are very elegant and feminine. The best way to accessorize such a dress is with pearl jewelry. If you are a bold fashionista, you could also try to accessorize a dress like this with a red statement necklace.

  • High-low dresses

If you can decide between a little black dress and a long elegant dress, you might be interested in a high-low dress. The dress presented in this picture combines the advantages of the two dress models with the glamor of black sequins. It is truly a dress suited for a prom queen.


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