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Prom is a celebration of youth as well as a rite of passage into adulthood. In order to honor the meaning of the prom night, a young woman must have an appearance that captures the innocence of childhood as well as the maturity of adulthood. In order to manage to create such an appearance, we suggest that you take a look at some blue prom dresses which are lively yet elegant.

  • Short blue prom dresses

If you have a great tan and a nice pair of toned legs, you should dare and wear a short prom dress. This type of dress requires high heels and it can be accessorized with large jewelry items such as chandelier earrings and a large sparkly necklace.

  • Pastel blue

If you really want to capture the innocence of childhood, you should consider a pastel blue dress. The dress presented in this picture is a short princess model. The main advantage of this dress is the A-line model which creates the illusion of a tiny waist. Furthermore, given its pastel color and the many ruffles, this dress is also very delicate and feminine.

  • Ballroom dress

Although short princess dresses are very beautiful, if you really want to look like a genuine princess you should consider a ballroom gown. These dresses are suited for most body shapes. However, petite girls should avoid the models which are too fluffy in order not to look as if they are drowning in fabric. Furthermore, girls with broad shoulders should stay away from strapless models.

  • Mermaid dresses

The blue color goes well with most dress types but the perfect dress model for it is the mermaid dress. This type of dress is great for petite body shape. However, if you have certain body parts that you are not proud off, you should avoid such a dress because it is very clingy and it shows off all the imperfections.

  • Greek goddess

The great thing about prom is that you can wear any type of blue prom dresses as long as they are elegant and sophisticated. The empire dress model is one of the most popular prom dresses. If you choose such a dress you will definitely look like a Greek goddess. We suggest that you wear this dress with a braided hairstyle.

  • Ruffles all around

Ruffles are a popular characteristic of prom dresses. However, a long ruffle dress can be a little overwhelming so if you are a fan of ruffles we suggest that you pick either a short model or a high-low model.


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