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Common misconceptions about tattoos

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There used to be a time where everybody thought tattoos are exclusively for criminals, gang members, sailors or punks. Getting inked was associated with a wide variety of shameful activities or categories of people, but fortunately, those times are long gone. At the moment, the misconceptions related to tattoos have trespassed these social boundaries and most people understand the activity is some sort of art. To read more on this fascinating topic, visit, a platform where you will find relevant advice and recommendations. There are, nevertheless, certain false rumors floating around this subject and we would like to present you and debunk some of the most popular ones. Here goes:

Lighter colors hurt more than darker ones

Naturally, this is a piece of information that is completely false. Even if a lot of people believe that light colors are more painful, this is a purely subjective idea. However, it does have a genuine explanation: light hues are added towards the end of the tattooing process, when the skin is already sore and pores are open, which is why you may feel the pain deeply. Usually, this part of the session is the last one, as it enables the artist to finish the work better by putting on shades and highlights, which can only be made with light (even white) ink. What you must know is that the color of the ink has absolutely nothing to do with how much pain you feel.

Tattoos ruin any elegant attire

This is probably the most popular belief people have when it comes to tattoos. Until recently, marking your skin was considered an act of rebellion, which had nothing to do with elegance. Besides that, a tattoo was completely out of place in an elegant or official environment. And while now that may seem obsolete, elderly people are still anchored in this idea. But if you would like to get a tattoo, do not let this misconception discourage you. There are plenty of elegant attires you can proudly wear together with your tattoos, from day outfits to night gowns. If you still have doubt about it, just look at all those celebrities on the red carpet.

No skill is required for tattoo artists

Most people, especially those who have never seen an artist at work, believe that those who make tattoos have no special talent whatsoever. This, of course, is something they would forget about if they visited a professional salon. Tattoo artists are not only extremely skilled, but they are also very passionate about what they are doing. They need years of practice in order to be able to perform the most intricate and accurate representations of what their clients ask them to do. Many salons only accept individuals with apprenticeships, not to mention all the safety and health certifications required. In addition to this, some choose their projects only if they empathize with the person in front of them – this is how passionate they actually are. As you can see, drawing well is not all it takes to become a tattoo artist.


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