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Cute Prom Dresses that Flatter Your Body Shape

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Shopping for prom dresses can be a fun adventure but it can also be extremely frustrating. A dress can look great on a mannequin but when you try it out it can look awful. When you are shopping for prom dresses it is important to know which dress shapes look best on your body. Some dress cuts can actually highlight those parts of your body that you are not particularly proud it. On the other hand, the right dress can hide your flaws and make you look fabulous. Today we are going to give you some prom dress shopping tips in order to teach you how to spot the cute prom dresses that suit your body shape.

Petite body types

The great thing about petite girls is that they have a delicate and feminine figure. This type of body can look good in almost all types of dresses. The only dresses that you need to stay away from are the really long ones that make you look as if you are drowning in fabric. Choose a short, tight dresses that shows of your feminine curves and stay away from long or puffy gowns.

Rectangular body types

Rectangular body types are a little more pretentious when it comes to cute prom dresses. In order to look feminine you need to create the illusion of curves. This can be acquired either with the dress’ cut or colors. Try to choose dresses which highlight the waistline. Peplum dresses are good choices and so are the dresses with a tight corset and a puffy skirt. Furthermore you can also create the illusion of curves with a dress which has a different color for the upper part.

Pear body types

Pear shaped bodies require a dress model that broadens the shoulders in order to balance the hips. Try to choose a halter neck prom dress with a floaty skirt. As far as the fabric goes, you should know that chiffon is great for softening the hips. Dresses with a knee hemline also look particularly good on this type of body.

Apple body types

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of cute prom dresses which flatter apple body types. You need to keep your eyes opened for empire waists as well as higher waistlines. These cuts are very useful in drawing attention from your middle which is usually a problematic area for girls with apple body shapes. You don’t have to cover your whole body in order to look slimmer. Choose an a-line dress with a decent cleavage and a short to medium hemline.

That being said, we hope that our prom dress shopping tips have helped you understand the importance of dressing according to your body type. You may have thought that everything looks good on skinny girls, but even them must learn how to dress according to their body type. Nobody is perfect, but with the right style tips, all girls can look awesome.


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