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The prom night is an event that needs to be planned several months in advance. There are a lot of things that you need to consider like your dress, shoes, purse, hair, make up and many more. In order to make sure that you will not forget any essential beauty steps, we have prepared an essential prom checklist.

  • Dress

Most girls start shopping for a prom dress a couple of months before the prom night. The shopping experience can be very fun but it can also be very tiresome. Furthermore, you’re always running the risk of wearing the same dress as another schoolmate. In order to avoid such a problem we suggest that you design your own dress. If it is too complicated to make it yourself, you can hire a dressmaker. The main advantage of doing this is that you will have a unique dress model which is fitted to your body shape.

  • Beauty ritual

Your prom checklist should also include a beauty ritual. Several weeks before prom night, you should apply some cosmetic treatments so that you will be sure that you won’t be dealing with annoying acne on your prom night. Acne can often appear on account of stress and given the fact that prom is a rather stressful and emotional event, you might have some unpleasant acne surprises.

  • Make-up and hair

Most girls are pretty skilled with the makeup tools and they prefer to do their own make-up instead of going to a make up artist. However, there are certain advantages to going to a makeup artist. For starters, they use professional products that last longer than normal products. Furthermore, they know how to highlight different face shapes. If you do decide to go to a makeup artist, you should make a reservation in advance. Don’t forget to write this on your prom checklist. Needless to say that if you want to style your hair at a saloon, you should also book a reservation in advance.

  • Shoes

Shoes are a very important aspect of a girl’s appearance. Although we doubt that you will forget to buy prom shoes, we strongly advice that you also include a pair of comfortable shoes in your checklist. High heels are very beautiful but if you plan on dancing on your prom night, you will eventually need a pair of comfortable shoes.

  • Prom emergency kit

In preparation for your prom night, you should make a small emergency kit that you can keep in your purse. The kit should include a few makeup tools so that you can refresh your look. You should also make sure to carry some blister pads, a headache pill, some hair pins (in case your hair decides to go crazy), deodorant, breath mints, tampons, mini perfume, stain removal stick and safety pins. There are certain prom kits which you can buy but it is a lot cheaper to make your own kit. Make sure it is small enough in order to fit in your prom purse.


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