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When the prom season approaches, the store windows are full of fabulous gowns advertized as prom dresses. While most teenage girls spend up to $200 dollars on prom outfits, privileged teenage girls make no budget compromises when it comes to the prom gown. The most beautiful gowns have prices starting from $1000 but there are also some dresses with outrageous prices. Today we are going to present you with some fabulous and expensive prom dresses. And while we are aware that these dresses are out of the reach of most young women, perhaps you can use them as inspiration in making your own dress.

The most expensive prom gown in the world
If you are interested in expensive prom dresses, then you will definitely be interested in the following model. The most extravagant and expensive prom gown in the world does not come from one of your well known designers such as Channel or Dior. However, we can all agree on the fact that this dress is quite spectacular. The design comes from Dress Goddess and it features countless genuine 14 K diamonds hand sown in the bodice. The high thigh slit has a Hollywood like glamor which makes this dress suitable for a queen. However, you would have to rule over more than just the prom in order to be able to afford this dress as it is valued at approximately $14 000.

The Shinny Dresses
It appears that when it comes to prom dresses, teenager girls want them as shinier as possible. When shopping for a prom dress, don’t be surprised to see that most dresses have semiprecious stones all over them. Whether or not this trend was launched by Dress Goddess, one thing is for sure: prom dresses have to be out of the ordinary. However this doesn’t necessary mean that they need to glitter as much as possible. These diamond like prom dresses are quite expensive, with prices starting from $300 dollars. However if celebrities have tough us one thing, that is the fact that you don’t need to shine in order to look glamorous. If the red carpet Goddesses can look amazing, in simple yet elegant clothes, so can teenage girls. So if your are currently shopping for expensive prom dresses, we advise that you at least stay away from the glittery ones. It were one thing if they were incrusted with real diamonds, but since the precious stones that they are featuring are worthless, they look a bit tacky. Therefore, you are better off wearing a simple yet elegant prom dress. Match it with one of the many easy prom hairstyles and a natural makeup and you will definitely be the classiest girl at the prom.

The prom night is one of the most important events in the life of a teenage girl. In order to look perfect one must keep up to date with the latest trends. One way to do this is to subscribe on various fashion blogs. We particularly like the fashion tips and tricks featured on Sweet-Fashion.Com. This blog has articles on all possible fashion subjects. Furthermore, on Sweet-Fashion.Com you can find numerous dresses that can inspire you for the prom night. You can also find prom make up tips and fabulous prom nail designs.


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