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Eyelash Extensions for Fabulous Eyes on Prom Night

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Given the fact that the prom night is such a unique event, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you want to splurge and try to make your look more extravagant. If you want to have big, doll eyes on prom night you could try out some eyelash extensions. If you are not convinced of how fabulous these lashes will make your eyes look, check out Katy Perry, the queen of fake eye lashes. No matter what event she attends or what kind of makeup she is wearing, Katy is always wearing fabulous eye lashes. However, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind if you choose to extend your lashes.

Pick a reputable saloon
There are many beauty aspects where you can try to improvise and save money but the eyelashes should not count on that note. In order to have beautiful lashes it is very important that you pick a respectable saloon. There are a few dangers that come with these extensions as they can lead to infections if they are not applied properly. Therefore don’t even think about saving money by going to a cheap saloon for your extensions.

The procedure
There are three main types of eyelash extensions: mink, silk and synthetic. The size of the extensions can also vary from 6 to 17 mm. If you want to look naturally beautiful we advise that you pick a medium size. Mink lashes are usually the most naturally looking but they are also the most expensive ones. The time of the procedure can vary according to the desired volume but it usually takes about 2 hours. You will have to go back for maintenance every three or four weeks. If you feel uncomfortable during the procedure and you feel like your eyes might tear it is advised that you tell your stylist as you may have a reaction to the glue in which case you need to switch to a different type of glue.

How to protect the eyelash extensions
After you extend your lashes you must try to protect them in order to make sure that they will maintain their beauty until prom night. For starters it is important not to get them wet for about 24 hours after having them applied. It may sound silly, but it wouldn’t hurt to wear eye goggles when washing your hair (just to be on the safe side). Even if you don’t wet them directly, they could get wet due to the steam so after you take a shower use a blow drier and a comb in order to dry them and fan them out. Furthermore, try to resist the urge of constantly touching them or even worse, pulling them. Eyelash extensions are great because you won’t need to apply mascara anymore. However, if you want a more dramatic effect try to apply the mascara only on the tips of the lashes.


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