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It can be very difficult to find a hairstyle that is special enough in order to be worn on prom night. Most hairstyles are either too sophisticated or too simple in order to be worn on this special night. If you are interested in a glamorous yet simple hairstyle we suggest that you try half up half down prom hairstyles. They are easy to make and they will definitely make you look fabulous. This type of hairstyles are frequent on the red carpet and if the celebrities are wearing them, that means that they are quite fashionable. We hope that you will find inspiration in the hairstyles presented above.

  • Twisted half up half down

This type of hairstyle is probably the easiest one to make. However, if you use the proper hair products it can look incredible. All you have to do is take one front strand of hair from each side, twist it and fix it at the back of the head. If you want to look even more sophisticated, you can use an interesting hair brooch in order to catch your hair at the back. You can choose to straighten your hair but wavy curls are the best choice for this type of hairstyle. When choosing this type of hairstyle you must make sure that it is properly fixed in position and that there are no rebel strands of hair. Furthermore, in order to obtain a glamorous effect you could use some shinning serum.

  • Braided half up half down prom hairstyles

Another way to rock a half up half down hairstyle is by braiding the upper part of the hair. You can choose a simple braid or you can choose a more sophisticated waterfall braid. In order to do this type of hairstyle you are going to need a little dexterity. It wouldn’t hurt if you would ask a friend for help as it can be a little complicated to braid the hair from the back of the head. You could also choose a braided crown which is a simple yet thick braid which surrounds your head.

  • Half up half down bun

As far as sophisticated hairstyles go, the half up half down buns are probably the most popular ones. However, this kind of hairstyles can be quite complicated. Still, there are some simpler choices for those of you who don’t have a lot of hairstyling skills. All you need is a curler and a little creativity. It is essential to use a thin curler so that you obtain very thin curls which are easier to shape into a bun. You also need a few small hair pins. You can do this type of bun in a classy way or in a messy way. You simply twist the curled strains of hair into a spiral, leaving a few strands hanging out. The hair that is left down must also be curled but you can choose wavier curls.

These are the most popular half up half down prom hairstyles. They can work with any type of prom dress and they can look both casual and sophisticated. In order to make these hairstyles more interesting, we recommend some highlights which add texture to the hair. Visit a hair color website in order to discover more hair color ideas that can be complimented with these half up half down hairstyles. We hope that you found our ideas useful and that they will inspire you to create a fabulous hairstyle.


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