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How to Be a Prom Queen

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Prom night is a special night for all girls but the one girl who will actually feel like a real princess will be the prom queen. The girls who become prom queens are usually considered to be naturally beautiful and sociable. However, you actually have to put some effort into the popular girl image. If you dream about being a prom queen but you don’t think that you have what it takes, we have some great advice for you: you can learn how to be a prom queen. The tips presented in this article do not guarantee that you will be a prom queen but they will definitely help you increase your chances.

  • Look good

Looking good is probably the most important tool of a prom queen candidate. The girls who usually win this title are not extremely beautiful. However, they are presentable, they always have great hair and a lot of style. For most girls, going out of the house means throwing on some clean clothes and putting on some mascara. However, popular girls never leave the house without looking flawless. They invest time and money into their image. If you want to know how to be a prom queen we suggest that you start studying some fashion and beauty magazines. Make sure that your hair is always shiny, keep your nails clean, wear nice perfume and put some effort into creating your daily outfits.

  • Keep your grades up

You don’t have to be the smartest girl in school in order to be prom queen but you do have to have decent grades. Keep in mind, that people who are failing classes are considered to be losers and they are severely mocked. Investing time into your look is also important but don’t let if affect your studies. Consider the fact that your grades will count in the future so unless you are applying for a job at Mc. Donald’s you need to keep your grades up. Furthermore, a girl who is both smart and beautiful will be respected by everybody.

  • Get involved and socialize

If you want to learn how to be a prom queen, you need to get yourself noticed. The best way to do this is get involved in extracurricular activities. You can choose to play a sport, be a cheerleader, run for class president or participate in school contests. These types of activities will make people notice you and they will increase your chances of becoming a prom queen. Furthermore try to be friendly with all students, even the ones who are very different from you. When running your prom campaign try to do nice things for people. You can share cupcakes or organize contests and give away prizes. Make sure that everybody knows that you are beautiful, smart and nice.


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