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How to Get a Perfect Prom Makeup

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A lot of teenage girls spend months trying to create the perfect prom look. While the dress is the main element that contributes to a great prom appearance, it is important to also dedicate a lot of attention to your hair, nails and makeup. Remember that while the main elements of your look will define your overall appearance, perfection is always found in the details. So don’t forget to also invest some time in some pretty nail designs and makeup ideas. Today we are going to give you a few pieces of advice in order to help you create the best prom makeup.

Skin Care

Some makeups are so beautiful that you can consider them to be real works of art. Well, if that is the case, we might as well agree that your skin is like a canvas and it is utterly important that it is flawless. A skin care daily ritual needs the following ingredients: make up removal, tonic lotion and hydration cream. You need to apply these products on a daily basis before going to sleep. You should stick to this ritual for the rest of your life and not just before your prom night. However, a couple of months before the prom you should also apply some skin treatments. Homemade masks are very efficient and they are a lot cheaper than cosmetic treatments. Therefore, make sure that you tend to your skin everyday in order to achieve a perfect prom makeup.


Shadows are the most important trick of professional make up artists. If you learned how to create them, you could completely redefine your look. In order to do this you need to combine two shades of foundation. One should match your skin color while the other one needs to be 2-4 shades darker. There are numerous online tutorials that teach you how to play with foundation in order to make your face look thinner, your forehead less wide and so on. You can practically hide any feature that you are not satisfied with. In order to get the best results you will also need some shades of blush as well as a tanning powder. For a touch of glamor, you could also apply some illuminating powder or cream on the center of your chin, the tip of your nose, under your eyes and on the center of your forehead.

The main theme

Before getting started on your prom makeup, you need to decide on the main theme of your whole appearance. For example if you have a delicate, flowery dress we advise you to wear a natural looking makeup and some simple yet pretty nail designs. If you have a retro hairstyle you might also want to consider a retro make up such as red lips and black eyeliner.

Less is more

You are probably familiar with the fact that when it comes to make up, excess is never an option. However, we feel that is our duty to remind you of a few simple makeup rules. First of all, you should only choose a main feature to highlight. A dramatic eye makeup should be complemented by a nude lip gloss while an intense lipstick goes very well with a natural eye makeup. A lot of young girls make the mistake of wearing too much eye makeup. Excess mascara looks particularly bad as it has an unpleasant spiderweb vibe. Instead of using mascara, you could try using the best diy eyelash growth serum, which consists of a mixture between castor oil and other natural ingredients. If you use it for a couple of months before the prom night, you won’t have to wear mascara at all, as you will end up with some amazing products. Of course, you can also buy a commercial serum, but if you do a little research online you will see that the best diy eyelash growth serum recipes are very easy to make at home and are a lot cheaper than the commercial alternatives. Last but not least, in terms of makeup, make sure that you only use quality products that will not drip or fade away even if the party will last until the morning.


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