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The prom planning process is quite fun, most of the times. You have an excuse for buying an extremely extravagant and girly dress and you feel like a one-night princess. However, prom can also put a lot of pressure on single teenagers because they have to find a prom date. While asking someone to prom is quite easy for guys, things are a little more complicated for girls. Today we are going to give you some advice in order to help you land a date.

  • Advice for shy girls

Being shy does not necessarily mean that you won’t get asked to prom. However, if you have problems talking to guys, you might not enjoy the prom date experience. Keep in mind that this is not a romantic comedy so if you go to prom with a stranger, there will be a lot of awkward and uncomfortable moments. Prom is supposed to be a fun event which marks the passing into adulthood. It should be about having fun not landing a date. It is perfectly OK to go to prom with your single girlfriends or even a guy friend.

  • How to get a guy to notice you

If you want to go to prom with a specific boy, then you are going to have to put some effort into getting his attention. The simplest way to do this is by letting him know that you have noticed him. Do this by flirting from the distance. Look at him and smile and then after a few seconds look in another direction. Do this every time you see him. If he starts smiling back, you can move things to the next level and casually say hello and smile when you pass him by. If he’s smart, he’ll pick up on your clues and he’ll initiate a conversation. If he is clueless or shy, don’t be afraid to initiate a conversation yourself about random school topics.

  • How to get a guy to ask you to prom

Once you are on a friendly level with a guy, it is quite easy to get him to ask you to prom. Start by mentioning prom in your conversations. for example, say that you are about to go buy a prom dress and ask him what types of dresses he thinks would look good on you. Ask him if he plans of attending prom and if he has any prom plans.

  • How to ask a guy to prom

If all your plans of getting a guy to ask you to prom fail, the only thing left to do is to ask him yourself. Most girls dread this possibility but things are not as bad as they sound. The first thing that you need to do is make sure that he hasn’t any other plans. The best way to do this is to ask him if he has asked someone to prom. This is a very tricky question as it tells him that you are planning to ask him. If he really doesn’t want to go, he will say that he already has a prom date or that he’s planning on asking a specific girl, even if he hasn’t made any plans yet. If he says that he doesn’t have a prom date, than ask him directly if he would like to go with you. If you are shy, you can ask him through a note. However, don’t ask someone to deliver the note. Try to put it in his pocket when he is not paying attention. If the guy you like refuses your prom invitation, you shouldn’t be too sad about it. Just end the conversation on a happy note and move on. Remember that prom is not a big deal and having fun is not conditioned by having a date.


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