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The prom night is a very special event. You will need to put a lot of effort into your prom appearance but if you really want to make a spectacular entrance you should also consider some original prom transport ideas. Most students arrive in regular cars while others rent limos. Whether or not you are a prom queen or king, you deserve a special prom transportation. Check out these amazing ideas and pick one which suits your personality and your wallet.

  • Luxurious cars

As we mentioned above. It is not uncommon for students to rent limos in order to go to prom. However, if you really want to feel special you should pick a limo with an ultra-modern interior. It is a great way to impress a prom date but it is also a nice way to enjoy the ride to the prom with your friends. If you want a limo which has a special exterior you could also consider renting a vintage limo. And if you want to make a romantic gesture for your prom date, you could rent a vintage convertible. This way, your date will feel as if she is part of an old romantic movie.

  • Hippie Van

A hippie van is great for a group of friends who want to make prom night memorable. You could use the van for going to prom and you can also use it for a private after prom party. If you really want to take it to the next level, you could rent a hippie van limo which is not only funny but quite amazing and very spacious.

  • Trucks

Trucks may not be as elegant as limousines but they are certainly the most original prom transport ideas. The most popular prom transport trucks are the fire trucks and the ice cream trucks. Both ideas are equally funny and original.

  • Horse drawn carriage

Whether your prom has a fairytale theme or you are just an incurable dreamer, a horse drawn carriage is the most romantic way to get your date to prom. After all, girls dress up like princesses on prom night so why not get there with princess style.

These are the most original prom transport ideas. Most of them are quite expensive and require some courage but they all guarantee a unique prom appearance. We hope that you found these ideas inspiring and that they will help you plan an unforgettable prom night.


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