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Essential Prom Checklist

The prom checklist must include a lot more than the dress and the shoes. You must book appointments for makeup and hair and you also need to prepare a prom emergency kit. The kit must be small enough in order to fit in your purse but it should include a lot of essential elements.

How to Get a Prom Date

The pressure of finding a date for prom can be quite overwhelming. However, it is important to know that prom night does not revolve around a boy. It is an opportunity to have fun and make wonderful memories. In this article we have some valuable prom date advice for shy girls as well as bold ones who want to ask a guy to prom.

Cute Prom Dresses that Flatter Your Body Shape

There are a lot of cute prom dresses which are suited for every body shape. When you go shopping for prom dresses you need to keep in mind the models that are suited for your body. For example petite girls should avoid long and fluffy prom dresses and should focus on slim models.

Eyelash Extensions for Fabulous Eyes on Prom Night

If you want to have beautiful eyes on prom night then perhaps you might want to consider some eyelash extensions. In this article we will discuss everything that you need to know about this type of extensions: which ones to pick, how long they should be, how you can protect them after they are applied and so on.

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair-Styling Tips And Products

In order to create fabulous prom hairstyles for short hair you need to have the best products. For example in order to create mat and long lasting hairstyles you should use a styling paste while wet looking hairstyles are obtained with hair gel. When styling short hair it is always better to start with small quantities of product and add more as you go along.

The Best Prom Theme Ideas

When it comes to prom theme ideas there are countless fields that can offer inspiration. You can choose themes that involve magical decors such as Under The Sea or The Land of Pandora. You can also find inspiration in movies, music, touristic attractions and so on. Make sure that you also plan activities that revolve around your chosen theme.

How to Get a Perfect Prom Makeup

In order to get the perfect prom makeup you need to follow a few simple guidelines. First of all you need to make sure that your skin is flawless. You also need to acquire a couple of shades of foundation and blush which will help you create shadows. Furthermore, in order to look perfect, your makeup should complement your dress and hairstyle.

2013 Flirt Prom Dresses

The 2013 Flirt prom dresses have everything that teenage girls look for when shopping for the big event: bright colors, sequins, glitter, classy details and Hollywood glamor. If you are looking for a movie start look, you should definitely choose one of the 2013 Flirt dresses. You should also use Hollywood as inspiration when looking for the best prom hairstyles and makeup ideas.

Expensive Prom Dresses for Glamorous Prom Queens

If you are interested in expensive prom dresses, then perhaps you will want to see the most extravagant prom dress in the world. Whether or not you are a fan of diamond dresses, you will definitely adore this one. However, if you can’t afford a dress incrusted with real diamonds, we suggest sticking to simple, stoneless dresses which are classy and look great with easy prom hairstyles and natural makeups.

Short Prom Hairstyles

A lot of people choose short haircuts because they are a lot easier to style but the problem is that the styling possibilities are rather limited. However, with the proper inspiration and the best hair products, you can achieve numerous short prom hairstyles. We highly recommend any short retro hairstyle as well as the bob haircut and the daring undercut.

Easy Prom Hairstyles

If you are worried about finding a good yet cheap hair stylist, then we are here to tell you that you money is better spent elsewhere. There are numerous easy prom hairstyles that you can make with just a little creativity and some quality hair products. For long hair inspiration we look up to Blake Lively while Victoria Beckham’s looks can help you create numerous hairstyles for short hair.