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Proms have been around for a long time now and they are the modern equivalent of a ball. They usually symbolize a rite of passage for a young person. Proms were inspired from cotillions and debutante balls in which young men and women were presented to society as adults ready to get married and take on the responsibilities of life. These events were usually held in rich circles. For a long time, proms were only held for college students but eventually they were adapted by high schools. Modern proms are not as sophisticated as cotillions but they have kept some traditions. Prom etiquette dictates that young mend and women who are attending the ball together must offer each other a prom boutonniere and a corsage.

  • Prom corsages

Tradition dictates that a young men who is taking a young women to the prom must give her a corsage when he comes to pick her up from home. A lot of teenagers ignore these traditions but they can make for a very nice memory. Furthermore, keeping such a tradition will help a guy make a good impression in front of the girl’s parents. When buying a corsage you should try to pick one which matches or complements the girl’s dress. If you don’t know what’s the color of her prom dress, you could try to ask some of your date’s friends. Girls usually go shopping together and they talk about their outfits constantly so her friends will certainly know what dress she will be wearing.

  • Prom Boutonniere

The boutonniere is usually the girl’s responsibility. Unlike the corsages, boutonnieres are not flowers in full bloom. They are small buds that are meant for accessorizing a suit or a tuxedo. The traditional boutonnieres are roses or carnations but there are also a lot of other choices. There are even artificial boutonnieres made of small beads or precious stones. We suggest that you stick to the natural options and that you avoid a boutonniere that will look to girly unless you want your prom date to be embarrassed when wearing it. A good idea is to choose a white or a red flower because they go great with most suits and tuxedos. You can also choose a flower which matches the color of your dress.

  • Tips

A prom boutonniere or a corsage needs to be ordered at a florist shop at least one week before the prom. You should pick up the flower during the afternoon before the prom night. Put the flower in the fridge until your date arrives in order to make sure that it will maintain its freshness. Prom flowers come from a long standing tradition. They started being worn a long time ago when perfumes were a luxury. They were worn in order for people to smell nice during the dances. Nowadays, they remain a symbol of respect and appreciation for your date.


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