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Prom flowers are a long tradition which is still carried on by numerous teenagers. According to this traditions, the young man must give the girl either a wrist corsage or a nosegay and the young woman must offer his date a boutonniere. Today we will give you some prom flowers ideas and advice.

  • Choosing the models

If your prom date is not your boyfriend, then he will probably choose the corsage according to his own taste. If he’s a smart guy, he’ll ask your friends about the color of your dress in order to match the corsage to it. If your prom date is also your boyfriend, the best thing to do is to look for prom flowers together. this way, you will both be sure that you will be wearing something that you’ll like.

  • Prom flowers ideas for girls

As we mentioned above, it is the guy’s duty to buy flowers for his date. Girls receive corsages or nosegays. Corsages are traditionally worn around the writs but they can also be pinned to the dress. Nosegays are mini bouquets that are worn throughout the whole evening. You can hold them in your hand or you can pin them to your purse. The most popular flower choice for corsages are obviously roses, especially baby roses. Other popular flower choices are orchid, gerbera, baby’s breath, daisies, dendrobium, alstroemeria, mini carnations, lilies and callas. The nosegays come with a wider variety of flower choices because you don’t have to stick to small flowers.

  • Prom flowers ideas for guys

When girls choose a boutonniere for a guy, they usually choose a model which matches their dresses. It is important to remember that guys don’t really like wearing flowers so it is advised that you choose a small and subtle boutonniere. The most popular flower choices for boutonnieres are roses and carnations but orchids and calla lilies are also very popular.

  • The language of flowers

Just like colors, flowers also have a symbolic meaning. If you want to give your date a beautiful flower which also transmits your feelings you might be interested to know a little something about flower symbolism. Alstroemeria symbolizes friendship and devotion and it is perfect if you are going to prom with a friend. The meaning of baby breath is everlasting love while daisies symbolize innocence. Carnation is a symbol of fascination and the sophisticated orchid is the symbol of beauty.


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