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Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair-Styling Tips And Products

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Despite the fact that most people think that short hair offers less styling opportunities, the reality is a lot different. Not only can you create numerous looks with short haircuts but with the right products you can do it with minimum effort. In order to help you prepare for a special prom night, we will present the best styling products that will help you create fabulous prom hairstyles for short hair. Furthermore, these hairstyles work great with any type of hair color.

For puffed hairstyles

The best product for voluminous short hairstyles is the styling powder. Styling powders are particularly useful for giving the hair volume at the roots. They have a powder to liquid texture which is very easy to apply. It should be used at about one inch from the hair roots, working your way up to the tips. Make sure you don’t apply it directly at the scalp as this will damage your roots as well as the scalp skin. These products are also good for obtaining a mat finish. Many cool short haircuts for women can be puffed like this for a more elegant evening, ranging from very short ones to medium length ones.

For sleek wet hair

If you are a fan of a wild, wet hairstyle than the best products for you are the hair gels. These products are great because not only they create a wet look but they are also very powerful in keeping your hair in the desired position. However, no matter how shiny and wet you want your hair to look try not to apply too much gel. You could instead use an additional styling product such as a shine spray or serum. When you apply the gel use a comb in order to style it and then use your fingers in order to smooth the comb marks. This kind of styling works best with a cute short haircut, because the products allow you to style the hair in almost any way you like. Moreover, when you have cute short haircuts, you need a little something in order to make them look different and spectacular for special occasions. The wild, wet style is therefore a great choice, and you should definitely try it. Wet hairstyles also work with any type of hair color but they look particularly good on dark hair colors.

For matte, textured hair that lasts all day

Styling pastes are amazing products that make your hairstyle last all day, They are perfect for creating amazing prom hairstyles for short hair that will last no matter how much you will dance. When using a product like this rub it between your hands before applying it on the dry hair.

For a soft hairstyle

If you want to create natural looking prom hairstyles for short hair it is best to avoid hair gels and powders. Instead you can use pomade, wax or gel wax. Given the fact that these products have conditioning properties, they will make your hair look natural and soft. For a natural look, you should avoid coloring your hair. If you add to add some texture to the hair, you can try some subtle highlights. You can find some great tips of coloring the hair in different highlight styles on

Tips for styling short hair

When using various styling products for short hair, it is important to start with small quantities. You can add more product later if you feel that it is necessary. Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid contrasts in volume. For example you should never puff your hair in the back while flattening it at the front unless you want to end up with a boring and old fashioned hairstyle. We hope you found some inspiration in these cool short haircuts for women, and that you’ll look lovely on your prom night.


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