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Prom is a very special night for all teenagers. It is the ultimate high school party and it is essential that you prepare for it in a proper manner. You will remember this night for the rest of your life and the only proof you will have of it will be the prom photos.  A lot of people who look great in real life have a hard time taking nice pictures. This means that no matter how nicely you will be dressed at prom, if you don’t learn hot to look good in photos, you might end up with some failed prom photographs. In this article we will give you a few prom photography tips that will teach you how to pose like a rock star.

  • 1. Slim figure

It is a well known fact that the camera adds a couple of pounds. Therefore you need to use a little trick in order to look good. In order to understand this trick you need to analyze the photos that celebrities take on important events. You will notice that they are never facing the camera completely. Instead they slightly turn to one side while still maintaining eye contact with the camera. They put one leg in front of the other and they support their weight on the back foot. It is this exact pose that you need to exercise in order to look amazing in your prom photos. This is by far the best prom photography tip. Make sure that you stand straight and it wouldn’t hurt to pull your tummy in. Looking slim in photos also depends on your photographer. It is advised for the photographer to take the picture from a higher angle. He should be at the same level as you or slightly above. Pictures taken from a lower anger will add a few pounds.

  • 2. Perfect smile

In order to take great prom photos you also need to practice your smile. You don’t have to have a wide smile but you shouldn’t be frowning either. Aim for an elegant yet friendly smile. Practice this smile in front of the mirror but make sure that it does not look fake. A great prom photography smiling tip is to stare at the floor and the quickly lift your head up and smile just as the photographer is getting ready to take the shot. Another important tip is to check a mirror before taking the photos. Make sure that your teeth are squeaky clean and it would’t hurt to reapply some lipstick.

  • 3. No sweat please!

The prom night is all about dancing. Unfortunately, dancing will ruin your perfect image so you need to fix yourself up before taking a picture. Make sure that there are no sweat marks under your arm pits. If there are some marks, go to the bathroom and dry them up before taking the picture. Furthermore, you must also keep some tissues and face powder in your purse in order to freshen up your makeup.


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