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Small details that will make you look stunning on your Prom Day

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For all teenagers, the prom day can cause plenty of anxiousness and stress. Being one of the biggest events at which they took part until then, many still lack basic knowledge when it comes to the dress code, what accessories to match with their outfits as well as how should their makeup look for such events. But fear not, we have you covered with plenty of suggestions.

If you wear an up-do, make sure to prevent a potential hair meltdown

Hair disasters happen, and these happen more frequently than you might guess. If you want to make sure that you’ll be covered in the case of such events, you should stash on some bobby pins and a small can of hairspray. Put those into your handbag. In case of emergency, run to the bathroom and fix that up-do of yours.

Pick your dress wisely

You may be very tempted to go a bit overboard with your first fancy dress. Instead, of choosing a dress that is “too much” stick to more classic options. Visit a fancy dress shop in your area and choose a little black dress, or a white one. Make sure to skip those “princess” gowns, since they’ll make you look older and might not even be appropriate for the event. Pick a dress that screams “young, beautiful and delicate”. You will win everybody’s hearts. Skip dresses that are too short or tight. This might leave a wrong impression.

Invest in a good perfume

Our perfume of choice tells others plenty about us. Since you are young, opt for a fresh, floral or even citrusy scent. This is more suitable for a young lady like yourself, and make sure not to spritz all over yourself your mother’s perfume. Chances are, she prefers heavier scents that might not suit your personality. A good idea is to purchase a small version of a youthful perfume and keep that in your purse as well. This way, you’ll be able to freshen up as needed.

Oil blotting tissues will make a great difference

If you want to keep that ugly oily shine at bay, make sure to purchase some oil blotting tissues. These are usually every woman’s best friend because especially when the temperatures are high, that hotness will make your face shiny for sure. You can find those at target for a modicum price and you’ll fall in love with those.

Your brows matter

Due to this reason, you want to make sure that you fill those in, especially if you have some gaps in them. However, you don’t want to overdo it. The key to a perfect makeup when it comes to young women is keeping everything natural. Find your inspiration in the French makeup preferences. The American trend seems to be a bit too dramatic for young women.

These are a few pieces of advice that will help you look amazing on your prom night. Keep in mind to keep everything simple, from your dress, to your makeup.   


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