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The prom night is a very special event in the life of a teenager. There are a lot of elements that contribute to the magic of this event. You have your prom outfit, prom date, location, music and atmosphere. In order to make this night unique, you need to give proper attention to all the elements of the prom night. Today we are going to present you with the best prom theme ideas. Some of these ideas have been overused while other are quite original. We hope that you find them inspiring and that they will help you organize the most wonderful night of your youth.

Magical Lands
While the Under The Stars Theme has been used on numerous occasions as a prom theme, there are numerous other themes that you can use in order to turn your prom night into a magical experience. Some of the best prom theme ideas involving magical lands are: Under The Sea, The Land Of Pandora, Wonderland, Enchanted Forest, Medieval Ball, The Wild West and so on. All prom themes require a specific décor but if you chose one of the ideas mentioned above, you need to put a lot of effort into recreating the specific environment of certain lands.

Entertainment and Adventure
If you want to make sure that your prom night won’t be boring, you should pick a prom theme with a touch of adventure or at least some entertainment. For example you can choose a casino theme and rent all sorts of casino games. There are many more other themes that guarantee an exciting night such as Treasure Island, Haunted House, Comics Heroes or The Haunted Forest. If you choose any of these themes, make sure that you also plan a lot of activities that are related to the chosen theme.

The Right Music
Music is another important element of the prom night but when you choose to have your theme revolve around a certain type of music you could turn your prom into a night to remember. Some of the best prom theme ideas involving music genres are Disco, Pop Stars, Rock and Roll Dinner and All that Jazz. Although most people wear fancy outfits on prom night, it would be a blast if you could convince everybody to dress according to the time period when the chosen music genre was most popular.

Touristic Attractions
Just because you have never been to Paris doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a great Parisian Night on your prom night. If you can’t choose between Paris and the rest of the amazing European capitals, you could make Euro Trip your main Theme. Other great themes are: Venice Nights, Hollywood, Empire State of Mind, Arabian Nights, Viva Las Vegas, Moroccan Mystique or Hawaiian Luau.

Some of the best prom theme ideas involve popular movies. On that note you might be interested in prom themes such as the Time of Our Lives, As Time Goes By, Moulin Rouge, Star wars, An Affair to Remember, Pirates of the Caribbean, Quentin Tarantino or Tim Burton. Whether you choose a classic movie or a famous movie director as your main theme, make sure that the rest of the prom elements complement the chosen theme. This doesn’t mean that you should only listen to a certain movie’s soundtrack but you may want to have that music played during key moments of the prom.


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