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Proms are important in the United Kingdom these days. This is surprising, especially taking into consideration that about 10 years ago nobody cared about promenade dances. Teens from around the country make great efforts to prepare for the special occasion. Guys aren’t that into prom. However, their girlfriends are excited about going to prom and the least that they can do is make an effort to look good. Dressing or prom is supposed to be a fun experience. In reality, it isn’t. You have to get everything right and you can’t afford to make mistakes. If you don’t know how to dress for your first fancy event, continue reading. Maybe these suggestions will come in handy.

Have a classy look   

You’re a young gentleman. Yet, you want to look like a man who is in control of their clothes. Are you wondering how you can make that happen? Dressing classy is the best way to go. You’ll be judged within minutes of your arrival at the prom venue. It only makes sense that you dress like an adult for the dance. Stay away from the offerings that you see in many stores. Invest in one or two embroidered shirts and get a tuxedo that fits. When it comes to younger men, it’s essential to wear clothes that are free from tears and fit. You may be tempted to get an oversized suit just to feel comfortable. This is a huge mistake. You’ll look like a child. Fitted isn’t synonym for restrictive. Acquire a black and white suit that fits.  You can’t go wrong with that.

Consider semi-formal attire

It’s not imperative for guys to attend events dressed in a tuxedo. A semi-formal attire isn’t as impressive as a black and white suit, but that doesn’t mean that it’s no to be considered. You can look smart while at the same time keeping it cool. As the name clearly suggests, semi-formal is a combination between formal and informal dress code. No matter what you put on, having a jacket is important. You can combine a plain shirt with your suit. If you want to wear a classic shirt, then make sure that the pants are semi-formal. The trousers should be in the same material as the jacket. As for the shoes, you can wear pumps or a pair of sneakers.

Don’t ignore the grooming        

The modern man is expected to pay attention to their appearance. You’ve spent a great deal of time and money getting ready for the promenade dance. All you have to do now is ensure that your grooming is on point. Start with the hair. You’re attending an important event and you can’t afford to make a bad impression. Get a haircut. Taking care of your face is just as important. You’re a young man and you should get used to taking care of your face. Exfoliate so as to cleanse the pores and use a moisturizer. Now, that doesn’t sound too difficult. Does it? we don’t think so.


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